14th of June 2020 – Feminist Relaxation, Collective Organisation

Feminist Relaxation, Collective Organisation

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We call on all womxn, trans, intersex and genderqueer individuals (WTIQ*) to relax and recover in protest of the exhausting situation, discrimination and oppression we deal with every day. The ongoing pandemic has given oppressive systems more strength and power and placed an even heavier burden on marginalised people. 

This year on the 14th of June, we are organising in smaller groups to relax and recover. Get together with your friends, neighbours, work colleagues and find individual and new ways to protest that make sense for you in the current situation. State your demands – we all have more than enough reasons to demonstrate, and those should be expressed publicly.

We are free to protest however we want – whether by decorating our balconies, listening to the feminist strike radio Radia (lora.ch), hanging up signs, holding picnics on the street in protest, taking walks in small groups or visiting other WTIQ* individuals who are not able to participate. 

At 15:24, which (due to wage inequality) is the time in the workday at which WTIQ* employees are no longer paid for their work, we will make noise together for 5 minutes. We will scream, sing, play music, listen to Radia and generally be loud – in this moment of community we will make our rage and frustration heard. The feminist strike of 2019 was a historical moment, but we are far away from overthrowing oppressive systems and achieving gender equality. 

Next year on the 14th of June 2021, we will once again take to the streets together to strike!

On the 14th of June 2020 it will have been a year since we achieved the largest protest in Swiss history with the feminist strike. We took to the streets to bring awareness to the many and diverse ways in which WTIQ* individuals are oppressed and marginalised, and to stand up loudly and proudly for the changes that need to happen. 

The issues that motivated us then – the wage gap, daily sexism, sexual and sexualised violence, racism and homo- and transphobia – are far from being solved, and are even more relevant now due to the pandemic. The exploitative demands placed on us by a patriarchal society are becoming more and more obvious. At the same time as many are working from home, we have to homeschool children and take care of elders. In isolation, household tensions are common and domestic violence and femicides (structural murder of WTIQ* individuals) are increasing. Essential workers in underpaid jobs such as in healthcare are working 13h shifts without any wage increase or hazard bonus. Others are no longer able to work, which leads to financial and housing insecurity.

Retail and e-commerce employees, who are frequently WTIQ* individuals with migrant backgrounds, are not only working for extremely low wages, but are now also exposed to COVID-19 due to insufficient protective measures and structural discrimination. Refugees are left exposed and without protective equipment in their housing as well as in state-mandated legal procedures. 

The valuable and essential “system-relevant” work that we are performing each day is exhausting and continuous, with no breaks on Sundays or holidays. The exhaustion is increased during this pandemic and workers’ organisation is difficult due to social distancing and isolation. This makes it impossible for hundreds of thousands of WTIQ* individuals to go to the streets this year to protest, at the same time as the issues we are protesting are escalating.


What are you planning?

Tell us about your planned activities in advance at bit.ly/3eXOyAF

At 1406.ch we are collecting these activities for a sense of community and inspiration.

On the 14th of June, send us photos and videos of your activities with your demands to the number 077 504 48 30, so we can share them to our social media accounts!

Feminist radio – Will you participate? Before or on the 14th of June, send short audio messages with demands, messages or song requests to radia@lora.ch. Or get in touch with us to join as a correspondent during the activities! Tune into Radio LoRa at 97.5 MHz on the 14th of June to hear the feminist strikeRadia!


The current state of the pandemic makes it very difficult to plan collective actions ahead. To stay up to date on what will be happening on the 14th of June, follow us on social media or come to our next meeting!






Facebook: Frauenstreik Kollektiv Zürich

Instagram: feministischerstreik_zh

Twitter: FrauenstreikZ

Strike radio Radia: lora.ch, 97.5 MHz


Join us

Come to the monthly networking meeting of the feminist strike collective! They will take place virtually from 14-17h on the following dates:

  • 30. May 2020
  • 6. June 2020
  • 4. July 2020    


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WTIQ* stands for womxn, transgender, intersex and genderqueer