Grüner Hintergrund mit violetter Schrift: "Care Streik! Am 14. Juni 2021 streiken wir". Darunter drei Hände, die jeweils ein Bügeleisen, eine Babyflasche und einen Handmixer hochhalten.

Care Strike!

Collectivizing care work – feminist organizing against the crisis!

Who works 12-hour shifts at the hospital?
Who makes sure the kids do their homework?
Who takes care of you when you’re old?
Who does the housework and who listens to you when you need something?
Who doesn’t have enough money despite permanent stress?
Who will become poor in old age?

Exhausted and worn out? We are too!
Therefore: Strike on June 14th!

Care work has moved into the public focus in the last year – although it has actually been clear for a long time how incredibly important this work is for society.

By care work, we mean caring for others, for the common good, and caring for oneself. We mean paid care work, as performed in hospitals, schools and private households. We also mean the unpaid care work that is done invisibly every day in families, in relationships and individually. It is the basis for a sustainable, human life. Care work is not a private matter, but must be a task of society!

Women*, trans*, inter* and genderqueer* people, especially migrants and working class people, fight first and foremost for the well-being of all. And this often at low wages, miserable working conditions or unpaid. We have had enough!

That’s why we are calling for a Care Strike on June 14, 2021!

How can YOU help to shape the 14th of June?

  • If possible, strike care and domestic work on this day.
    Symbolically hang cooking towels, brooms, banners out your window.
  • Join forces and take action: Together with friends, mothers, neighbors, draw public attention to the prevailing grievances and the invisible care work.
  • Organize a strike ‚Znüni‘ (late morning break) or lunch, do sit-ins, write demand papers.
  • Go on a consumer strike – in solidarity with all those who produce things under bad conditions, which others then consume cheaply.
  • Decorate your neighborhood with stencils, posters, stickers, banners, etc. Be creative!

June 14th belongs to all of us!

The day is for and by trans*, inter*, genderqueer* people and women*
* shows that gender (categories) are socially constructed.

1280 1280 Frauen*streik / feministischer Streik